Heating elements for the industrial sector


Mica Nozzle Heater – MNHx

Mica Nozzle Heaters deliver reliable high-temperature heating to cylindrical surfaces. They are available in onepiece or two-piece construction, along with a variety of diameters, widths, voltages, wattage, clamp styles and power connections. Common applications include plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion, molding presses, die casting, blown-film, packaging, food processing, analytical instrumentation, and more.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 115V to 380V
  • Power: from 100W to 300W
  • External diameter: min.30mm(1,18in) to 90mm (3,54in)
  • Material: Mica Sheet, Nickel Chromium Resistance Strip, Electrogalvanized metal sheet, SS-304
  • Available Terminals: M4,M5, lead wire
  • Available Accessories: Projected Plug, Cover, Ceramic connector
  • Notes: Electrical ratings and dimension can be customized as per client requirements after a feasibility check


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