Heating elements for the industrial sector


Infra-Red Heater Lamp – IRLx

High-intensity infrared heaters are known for their energy efficient design, short wave quartz-halogen and medium wave quartz-tungsten gas emitters, provide the highest temperatures needed for any fast-moving processes, including paint-curing in the automotive industry, packing industry, and even testing the extreme heat of re-entry to the earth’s atmosphere on the spacecrafts.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 115V to 230V
  • Power: from 500W to 2000W
  • External diameter: 9mm (0,93in) to 16mm (0,63in)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Available Terminals: Direct lead wire from both ends
  • Notes: Electrical ratings and dimension can be customized as per client requirements after a feasibility check


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