Heating elements for the industrial sector


Immersion Bobbin Heater – IBCx

Ceramic Immersion Bobbin Heater consist in a nichrome wire heating element inserted into the ceramic blocks, with a terminal block at one end, the external proctection, that comes in a tube shape, makes possible to replace the heating element on the field without emptying the container. Bobbin Heaters are used for heating fluids in boilers, water heaters and tanks, and can also be used for heating air or gas in ovens.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 115V to 415V
  • Power: from 1500W to 15.000W
  • Bobbin Diameter min. 25mm (0,98in) to 45mm (1,77in)
  • Material: High Tempeature Ceramics
  • Available Terminals: M4,M5,M6
  • Available Accessories: High Tempeature Ceramic Bobbins, support bars
  • Notes: Electrical ratings and dimension can be customized as per client requirements after a feasibility check


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