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Heating Cable on Aluminum Foil – RFAx

The Calorflex heating cable with its various types of insulation material, can be sandwiched or heat sealed between two aluminum foils. Thanks to its particular structure, it can operate immersed or in environments with high humidity. It can be produced with an adhesive backing for easy application and can be equipped with thermostat or temperature limiter. It is manufactured according to customers’ specifications and dimensions with the possibility to choose the power cable position.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 5V to 400V
  • Power: from 5W/m to 80W/m
  • External dimensions and shape: on request
  • Minimum bending radius: varies according to the kind of insulating material and diameter
  • Maximum operating temperature: according to table
  • Available certifications: EC
  • Produced and tested according to the EN60335 standard. Compliance with the 2014/35/EU directive
  • Different insulation materials and diameters may be produced on request and after a feasibility check is performed


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