Heating elements for the industrial sector


Heating Cable – Cx

The series heating cable Cx can be used in the most varied applications, from industrial and commercial refrigeration to domestic applications, etc. where it is necessary to maintain a certain temperature or to provide protection against the formation of ice. It is supplied already cut to measure and ready to use: the cable length cannot be shortened by the end user. The cable is made up of a central heating part and two cold parts located on the cable ends so as to allow its electrical connection.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 1.5V to 400V
  • Power: from 5W/m to 300W/m
  • Minimum bending radius: varies according to the kind of insulating material and diameter
  • Operating temperatures: vary according to the kind of insulating material and according to table
  • Length of heating and cold parts customizable on request
  • It can be equipped with a metal or fibre glass braiding to ensure an additional mechanical protection
  • Available certifications: EC
  • Produced and tested according to the EN60335 standard Compliance with the 2014/35/EU directive


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