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Cartridge Heater – HCHx

The cartridge heater is the ideal solution for many applications where energy efficiency, fast and easy installation and cost saving is required as it avoids the need of accessories such as fixing supports, thermostat and floats. It provides concentrated heat in a limited space, small in size but heat up quickly and precisely. A temperature sensor could be built-in to realize real-time temperature feedback and control. High density cartridge heaters, specifically designed for high temperature applications, can also be used in liquid immersion applications.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 48V to 415V
  • Power: from 70W to 2000W
  • External diameter: min. 5mm (0,2in) max 25mm (0,98 in)
  • Material: High tempeature ceramic insulator, resistance wire & SS 304 tube
  • Available Terminals: Flexible lead wire, Strong Steel wire from Inside, Wire crimping
  • Available Accessories: Lead wire with Metal sleeve
  • Notes: Electrical ratings and dimension can be customized as per client requirements after a feasibility check


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