Heating elements for the industrial sector


Air Heater – IAHx

Available in many different shapes and in the finned configuration as well, usually this type of tubular heater is used for electric oven heating, room heating, air conditioning, incubators, hot air circulation, resistor load bank, oil and gas or thermoforming Air Heaters allow the heating process to happen through conduction, convection and radiation, it comes in a range of shapes, from circular to triangular and in vertical or horizontal configuration.

Technical Features

  • Supply voltage: from 110V to 480V
  • Power: from 800W to 3000W
  • External diameter: min. 6,5mm (0,25in) max. 16mm (0,63in)
  • Material: Incoloy 800, SS 316, SS 304
  • Available Terminals: M3, M4, M5, M6
  • Available Accessories: Stainless Steel Finns, Flanges, Adaptors etc
  • Notes: Electrical ratings and dimension can be customized as per client requirements after a feasibility check


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